Enrich your Life and your Relationships by reconnecting with Yourself
Go deeper with IFS and Unearth your Birthright Gifts.
Via Francigena

Are you longing for a deeper dive?

  • Would you like to explore your inner world more deeply, but do you feel that it would be better to do it accompanied?
  • Are there things in your subconscious that interfere with your relationships, with your ability to enjoy life, to listen to yourself, to connect with your surroundings, with yourself and with those around you?
  • Would you like to better understand what lies beneath all this, connecting with your inner wisdom and bringing acceptance, understanding and listening to heal those wounds and open yourself more deeply to life in the present?

Nicolas Abramzon

Trained in IFS (Internal Family Systems), my passion for holding space comes from a deep gratitude towards Mentors and therapists who made a difference for me. Drawing wisdom from mindfulness practices, Zen Buddhism, and years living in Plum Village, I discovered IFS as a roadmap to inner exploration and self-love. Committed to continuous learning, I offer guidance and support, trusting in our shared journey towards unlocking our inner wisdom and embracing life’s fullest potential.

How do the sessions feel?

Through the sessions with Nico I found an open space where trust and love are at the core. His self energy guides his meetings , helping me to discover in my self the healing qualities and providing the tools to access them in my everyday life. Sessions with Nico has not an agenda, everything that surface is welcomed and he is always open to discuss his role to meet my own particular needs in every specific circumstance, thanks to his flexibility , his natural gift as therapist enriched by his studies and personal journey
Nicolas's support has opened new doors and paths for me. Thanks to his loving and non-judgmental presence, Nico creates a warm and secure environment that has facilitated navigating my complex inner world, where I found the answers and clarity I needed to take the next steps.

Highly Recommended
Working with Nico is a great support in my life right now. Every session is deep, powerful and transformational. Held with grace, humility, skill & presence, it feels safe for me to journey to the depths of my unconscious and bring to light what has been hidden. I feel I am held with care and respect as I slowly un pick the mental constructs that hold me back. He is really skilled at holding space for healing in a grounded, calm and clear way. I feel truly blessed to have found him.
Lua Maria

What next?

If you feel ready for the next step,