One on One sessions

IFS is a psychotherapy model that can support us in a journey of deep healing, reconnection and self-discovery, aiding to understand the complexity of our being and to release the constraints brought up by upbringing, society and past experiences and traumas.

Bringing clarity into our systems and realising the positive intention behind each part of us.

It helps us to tap into our innate and natural state of being that embodies qualities like curiosity, calm, compassion, trust, and to allow this energy to guide our way towards healing and integrity.

I’d be honoured to join you in this path towards loving yourself more deeply.

IFS Sessions
Gaga IFS

Dance and creativity Workshops

Get in touch to join our regular dance, movement and creativity online workshops, inspired by IFS, Gaga movement Language (, art therapy and our own unique path of healing through movement.

Our aim is to create a safe collective container, for us to reconnect with ourselves through our bodies, our movement, and other creative resources. Especially curated for those parts of us that are needing expression, movement, feeling what’s there, yet they do not communicate well through words.

Hiking Retreats

Join us for a hiking IFS-informed retreat, where we’ll nourish ourselves with a daily dose of nature, physical motion, personal inner exploration and togetherness.

Contact us for more information on upcoming dates.

Camino de Santiago

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