Nicolas Abramzon

A few decades of deep soul searching have taken me through various landscapes, both within and without. From living long-term in a Buddhist monastery to long distance pilgrimages, my quest keeps coming back to what makes me feel most alive: Healing personal and collective trauma and enhancing our relationships, with ourselves, with others and with the bigger “picture.” Nowadays, I hold space for people as an IFS (Internal Family Systems) coach and facilitate collective spaces of connection through dancing, creativity and hiking

  • Training & Certifications

    • IFS Level I: Conducted by Cece Sykes, IFS Institute (October 2022)
    • Integrated Trauma Therapy Course: With Frank Anderson (December 2021)
    • IFS and Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Workshops: Led by Robert Falconer (October 2021)
    • Incorporating Intra-Relational Interventions of the AEDP into IFS Work: By Kari E. Gleiser (December 2022)
    • Introduction to Somatic IFS: An Embodied Approach to Healing Trauma with Susan McConell and Richard Schwartz (2023, Continuity Program)
    • Direct Access: An Essential IFS Skill: Frances Booth, Richard Schwartz (2023, Continuity Program)
    • Basic Training on NVC (Non Violent Communication) – Instituto de Comunicación No Violenta (2024)
    • IFS Level II – IFIO Intimacy From the Inside Out (June 2024)
    • IFS Level III (To be completed in November 2024)

As Staff/assistant in IFS Trainings:

  • IFS Level I Program Assistant (May – June 2023) – Pilar de la Torre
  • IFS Level I (889) Program Assistant (September – December 2023) – Pilar de la Torre
  • IFS Level I Program Assistant (November – December 2023) – Imma Lloret
  • IFS Level I (1060) Program AssIstant (January – April 2024) – Pilar de la Torre

Meditation and Mindfulness:

  • More than 2 decades participating in and offering meditation and mindfulness classes and practices.
  • 4 years living in Plum Village, organising and participating in mindfulness retreats.

Dance and movement:

  • 2+ years of GAGA/People classes in Berlin/Tel Aviv/Online
  • 1 year training with CIA La Dama in Barcelona (Gaga/Dance – Contemporary 2022/2023)
  • Dose of Pleasure workshops and sessions with Alvin Collantes (Berlin)
  • “Passion Play Pleasure” retreat in Portugal (Dance/Movement 1 week retreat, 2023)


  • Trekking guide certification (AAGM, Argentina, 2014)
  • 4+ Years experience guiding people in Southern Patagonia (PNLG – Los Glaciares National Park)
  • Vast experience and passion in long distance treks & Pilgrimages
Gaga IFS