Internal Family Systems Therapy

Enrich your life and your relationships by reconnecting with yourself

What's IFS?

IFS is a psychotherapy model that can support us in a journey of deep healing, reconnection and self-discovery, aiding to understand the complexity of our being and to release the constraints brought up by upbringing, society and past experiences and traumas.

Bringing clarity into our systems and realising the positive intention behind each part of us.

It helps us to tap into our innate and natural state of being that embodies qualities like curiosity, calm, compassion, trust, and to allow this energy to guide our way towards healing and integrity.

It’s a tool to connect with oneself.

It’s a compassionate, inclusive and very flexible framework.

Where every aspect of yourself is welcomed.

Where each part of you makes sense.

And where each thing that presents inside guides us to where we need to go.

It helps create a safe space where you can get to know each part of you, establish relationships with them, co-creating, celebrating life together.

Where you and your different aspects can learn to work as a team.

To join forces in order to embrace the difficulties in the path.

To allign your life into the direction of your deepest aspirations.

Are you ready to give yourself the biggest gift of all?

How do IFS sessions look like?

  • Sessions with me tend to be of around an hour and a half, depending on your particular needs and on how the process unfolds.
  • Always trusting your own rhythm and needs, you are encouraged to take a dive within yourself and a lot of the time, IFS looks like a journey within, like meditation, supported from the outside by your therapist.
  • We focus both on long term and on more immediate issues, bringing clarity and understanding, informing and widening the perspective for taking life decisions, deepening your relationships, living life more fully and unlocking your deepest potential and aspiration.
  • One of the key aspects of the sessions is developing and strengthening relationships, starting with the foundation: The relationship with yourself.
IFS Sessions

How is it to have an IFS process with me?


I support you in connecting with yourself.

To understand what drives you from inside.

To bring order and clarity.

To find new ways of being. New paths.

I support you to connect, so you can let go what is no longer needed.

I hold the space so you can understand your inner world.

So you can listen.

So you can process what was left frozen, blocked.

Step by step, with respect, with reverence.

Trusting what you feel.

Trusting that what is there, it has a reason to be.

Validating, recognising what’s important for your system.

I offer a safe space, of support, of deep listening.

Of trust.

So you can release what you don’t need anymore.

So you can open up to life.

To those surrounding you.

So you can rediscover your passions, your gifts.

What makes you feel alive.

Let's connect

Ready to explore your inner world?